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Singing Bowls and Sound Therapy


Singing Bowls are musical instruments that have been used for ages in the East to create music. The bowls can be made from many different materials, including porcelain, glass, stone and wood. The most famous of these musical instruments is the Chinese Singing Bowl. These unusual bowls are made from metal, stone or wood and they are hung on walls or sometimes in the room to create a type of hanging the chime. They are often played by women as they are known to be a form of flamenco dance.


In ancient times, these bowls were used as an instrument for meditation and to produce sound in the presence of others. A standing bowl or sitting bowl is an upside down bell, usually supported by its rim on top of a table. These bowls exist in a large variety of shapes, from some centimetres to quite a few feet in diameter. There are also large bowls, which sit on the floor, along with many different designs for making different sounds. When a hand is placed on top of the bowl, it produces a click sound, as though the hand was pushing down on a button. There is much debate as to how old these bowls actually are, but they are thought to have been created during the bronze age.


The modern-day singing bowls at http://www.silverskyimports.com are made to recreate the sounds and vibrations produced by the ancient bowls. They are usually made from wood, with a metal frame and a hollow inner center to allow the musician to produce the music. Since the sounds are produced using the same principles that the bowls used in ancient times, many believe that they are a pure form of spiritual meditation, as they attempt to focus the mind and body to produce a specific sound or vibration. They do this by using their voice or instruments to resonate the bowls, producing a sound that has been dubbed "chimes".


A popular type of Silver Sky Imports singing bowl is the one called the mallet. It is usually made from wood and features two long poles with metal tips at the end of them. The music is usually played using a metal stick, which is inserted into the middle of the mallet. The stick is inserted into the hollow center of the instrument and is allowed to vibrate freely, while the musician uses their voice to resonate the bowl. The result is a single, high-pitched sound, created by the mallet.


Music theory and sounds can be used together to improve brainwave patterns. Different types of sounds will often train the brain to focus on certain frequencies, helping to increase concentration and mental agility. Because brainwave patterns can vary from person to person, music therapy can help identify the right tones for the right situations. For instance, some people may find that gentle tones produce a relaxing feeling, whereas others might feel invigorated. In the context of using singing bowls for brainwave training, it is important to realize that the sounds do not have to be in the original musical format. It is perfectly possible to blend songs and sounds to create new, meditative experiences!


Many people are afraid of the rim of singing bowls, or of inserting metallic objects into the body. However, this need not be a concern! There is no reason why any object can't be used as a conductor, as long as it can project sounds in the correct frequency range. This principle is why sound therapists have been using music and singing bowl for years to increase the brain's ability to respond to stimuli. Using the same principal, the singing bowl's rim can be used to enhance one's abilities to relax.